• Release Date: 2016-04-29
  • Genre: Self-Improvement

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Early adulthood should be some of the most fun and adventurous years of your life.  But for many, they become a period of confusion and hopelessness.  Even for those who went to college and graduated with degrees.

See, when you're in high school, everyone's talking about college.  What to do.  Where to go.  Why it's important.
There's classes given on it.  There's books written about it.  But as much as it's discussed, a few bits and pieces get left out.  This is something I discovered the hard way, right around the time I was graduating from college with a four-year degree.  What followed was two of the worst years of my life.  

The thing is, my story isn't all that unique.  After that fateful graduation, as I talked to more and more people, I learned we were a part of this generation that was told to jump straight into college and sort out the details as we went.  And most of us did.  We chased the promise of a big shiny future, but ended up just being chased by the mistakes of our past.

That's not to say we all regretted college entirely. This book isn't a list of privileged millennial complaints.  It's a collection of wisdom gained in less than pleasant ways.  It's a story of hardship, failure, victory, and perseverance.  
This is everything we wish we knew before we went out into adulthood.  
This is the college book that no one ever gave us.