Marriage of Heaven and Hell By Lana M. Wiggins

Marriage of Heaven and Hell

By Lana M. Wiggins

  • Release Date: 2017-10-13
  • Genre: Fantasy

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Lily's life is turned upside down when two ghost muses appear with a blood-inked contract binding her to write an incredible saga of Heaven and Hell as dictated. In a darkly humorous fashion, Lily fights her muses every step of the way, even after losing her job, her apartment, all her possessions, and nearly losing her life, but Lily cannot resist their fantastic story that outlines a seemingly simple mistake made by Marduk, the Black Dragon, and Amon, the White One, aka the Devil and God. This one simple mistake begins to spiral out of control with far reaching consequences both are powerless to stop, especially the Marriage of Heaven and Hell that springs from an unlikely romantic union that has disastrous consequences when the Elders step forward to right the wrongs of the Black Dragon and the White One.

Marriage of Heaven and Hell is the first book in The Children of the Incubi series, a darkly humorous, romantically erotic, eerily preternatural, softly horrific, and highly irreverent 6-volume adult fantasy Saga of God and the Devil. But Amon and Marduk are not your grandmother's God and Devil. Lily is surprised to learn that the Gods are not only equal confederates who are fiercely loyal to each other, but they are also sexy, witty, wicked, selfish, clumsy, and tragically flawed.

Humanity awakens the Gods in this epic Saga of love, lust, betrayal, deceit, debauchery, murder, war, dark spirits, revenge, torture, and twisted humor in the Colonies of the Gods.