Blood Mark By Lana M. Wiggins

Blood Mark

By Lana M. Wiggins

  • Release Date: 2018-01-04
  • Genre: Fantasy

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In Book II of the Children of the Incubi series, Lily's muses drag her to New Orleans under a ruse she easily falls for, but Samael and Drake's motives are to persuade Lily to continue the Saga which begins in the year 2025. Amon and Marduk have fallen into depression and depravity, but when they attend the Gathering, they plot together against the Elders to win back their Crowns. Marduk's trackers are hot on Samuel's trail, and Declan is sent to New Orleans by the Elders to find the Cambion girl designated to lead the Revolution. But Declan's motives are to find his lost love, Issa. Instead, Declan finds Finn, a long-lost wicked Incubus he must rely upon to complete his commission. Declan meets Caraye Halloran, a Pagan Witch and the mother of the Cambion girl, Jade, whose mysterious father appears in her life for the first time. Declan and Caraye begin an ill-fated romance, but Jade's father has other plans for Caraye, Jade, and her young lover, Killian LeBlanc. Mia, a powerful Voodoo Mambo, is highly suspicious of the two men entering Caraye's life and warns her of impending danger. When the young lovers mysteriously disappear, Declan and the Witches team up with the wicked Incubus no one trusts, but Finn is the only hope Declan has in finding the Cambion girl that will lead him to Issa.